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Honey and Oats Cookies

The finest Honey and Oats cookies baked to a golden brown perfection. Healthy & Tasty Guilt free clean snack. Freshly baked delicious oats and wholewheat base cookies. The Brown Town’s Honey & Oats cookies crunchy, crumbly and mildly sweet with hints of honey and coconut in every bite you take.

Sugar Free Cookies

Atta Cookies

100% Vegetarian & Eggless

Freshly baked everyday

Shipped Today


Atta, edible vegetable oil, oats, honey, salt, cashew and coconut. Contains no added flavour and no egg.

Honey and Oats Cookies Ingredients

Healthy Cookies with Zero Sugar

Honey & Oats Cookies are a delicious and wholesome snack that is perfect for people who are looking to reduce their sugar intake. Made with a blend of whole grain oats and sweetened with honey, these cookies are a tasty and satisfying treat that is suitable for diabetics or anyone looking to cut back on sugar.

Healthy, Tasty and Crunchy

Our sugar free honey & oats cookies are made with whole grain oats and are flavored with a hint of honey. They are lightly sweetened and have a satisfying crunch, making them a perfect balance of flavor and nutrition.

Fresh and Crumbly, Guaranteed

Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the morning or an afternoon snack to keep you going, these cookies are the perfect choice.



The rusks are fabulous & crunchy

The rusks are fabulous & crunchy ! They remind me of my childhood! Also my children enjoy eating them first thing on the morning !

Shikha Kulshreshtha


Excellent Rusk

Excellent rusk that i ordered .crunchy and delicious.my repeat order.worth it .do try!

Rahul Shivani


I highly recommend it

I have been ordering rusks from Shaina over the last couple of weeks and the quality is excellent. I am a repeat customer after my first trial order. The taste is old school and they have a crunchy freshness which is very hard to find nowadays especially in the market packet rusks. Additionally, the customer service is very prompt. Overall it’s a win win and I highly recommend it.

Aditi Agrawal


Superb quality and excellent

he best freshly baked rusks in town. I love rusks and unfortunately the ones in the market weren’t satisfying our taste buds. That’s when I came across Brown Town rusks. Superb quality and excellent customer service. They are a must in my pantry now.

Manisha Mukherji


Must try khari!

The best crispy and flaky Khari biscuits in town. I love their khari biscuits. The ones in the market weren’t satisfying and soggy. That’s when I came across Brown Town rusks. Superb quality and excellent customer service.

Sudha Dinesh Jain


Everyone in my family loved them

The rusks are absolutely yummy, crunchy and delicious. Infact I have gifted them to so many people after relishing them myself. Everyone has loved them . Keep it up…. too yummy.

Poonam Batra


Amazing, crunchy and very delicious

I wanted to have some good khari and Rusk…and must say Browntown provided the best one in Gurgaon….. Shaina was kind enough to suggest me to go with Sauf and Elaichi Rusk and they were amazing and crunchy and very delicious…Kharis were also very fresh….Will definitely order again!!!

Bhushan Joshi


Really enjoyed it

The rusks were great. They were crunchy, fresh and light. Really enjoyed it

Anushka Arora

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